Rolling Stone Magazine:In terms of charismatic figures?
Bradford Cox:Hetero-centric, boring, scruffy 20 year-olds are ruining the fucking face of rock and roll, you know? There are no Patti Smiths or Joey Ramones, or Lou Reeds, even. Well, but Lou Reed is fucking playing with Metallica, whatever. There needs to be some vital something, and I mean, I'd like to try to be that, if possible, if I may be so bold.
Rolling Stone Magazine:What's missing?
Bradford Cox:Queerness. Homo-eroticism, boyhood.

90’s japanese girl gangsters

20 year old Jean-Michel Basquiat’s “resume” 
Sid Vicious on his way to a David Bowie concert, 1973

Girl zip me up Unpublished project for Alaïa by Steven Meisel (1987)

Frankie Broyles by CeciliaMajzoub on Flickr.
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